Action Alert: Speak up for honesty!

Action Alert: Speak up for honesty!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Florida Honesty


Now is the time to speak up for honesty.

Florida students have made tremendous learning gains over the years. Despite these strides, however, not all students are equally prepared for the challenges of college or today’s workforce.

Florida is on the verge of a critical decision that will either keep our state on the right track or mask the number of students unprepared for success in life.

Plain and simple: We have an “honesty gap.” Florida is setting its proficiency expectation – also known as a cut score – too low. There is a roughly a 20-point gap between how many of our students we report as proficient on our state test and the percent who score proficient on the Nation's Report Card, which is considered the gold standard. This gap means Florida is telling parents their child is ready when they could be one of the 20 percent who are not yet prepared and need more support.

It is not too late, Florida. There’s time to narrow the honesty gap. Setting expectations high for students has worked in Florida – every time we raise the bar, students respond with stronger achievement gains. Setting honest cut scores is the next step. Requiring more of students will always be harder than requiring less, but it's the honest thing to do, so every student is prepared for college, a higher-wage job, or a successful military career!

Before Oct. 15, make your voice heard by emailing Ask Florida to set higher proficiency cut scores so every student is prepared for college, a good job or successful military career!

Just a few weeks ago, Georgia (the state that had the worst gap in the country ranging between 45-65 points) virtually eliminated its proficiency gap. There is still time for Florida to do the right thing before our kids are left behind.

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