Teacher Bonuses

This legislation (SB 258 by Sen. Travis Hutson and HB 827 by Rep. Elizabeth Porter) removes caps on financial awards available to teachers, giving districts true latitude in recognizing greatness.


Florida has a successful history of rewarding success and providing incentives for schools and teachers to achieve the student performance outcomes in college and career readiness programs that support postsecondary success. These programs allow students to earn college credit and verified job skills before they leave high school while simultaneously allowing students and families to save on higher education costs.

School districts currently may earn bonus FTE (from .025 to 1.0 FTE) for students who successfully earn college credit in Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) or industry certifications or digital certificates. From these funds, the teachers who taught these students can earn bonuses for every student that successfully obtains college credit or a certification.

While there is no cap on the bonus FTE districts may receive, there is currently a cap on the amount of bonus a teacher can be awarded in any given school year.

Bill Summary:

    • Removes the $2,000 cap on teacher bonuses for AICE.
    • Removes the $3,000 bonus cap for AP, IB and industry or digital certifications.