2013 Reform Agenda

What’s important to us during the 
2013 Legislative Session?

We’re working to make the future brighter for all Florida students by focusing on the following initiatives in 2013. Click on each item to learn about the related policies we support, or find our full policy agenda on the right! Check out our 2013 Legislative Preview video for an overview of what we’re tracking in Tallahassee, and find each weekly roundup on our 2013 Legislative Session video playlist.

New technology for a new day
­­­­Digital Learning
Our children are growing up in the digital age. The knowledge they need to prepare for both college and careers is significantly different from the last generation. We must provide schools with the technology they need to customize teaching and learning to further the success of all students. By laying a strong academic and technological foundation for our students, they will be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment in college and beyond.

Graduation Requirements: Preparing for Success

To ensure Florida students are successful in school and life, our high schools will continue to prepare students through robust college prep courses as well as high quality industry certification programs. Providing students with new industry certification options expands access to college and career options for more students after graduation.

Supporting our teachers
Accountability: Teacher Preparation Program
Florida’s education success story is student-driven and teacher-fueled. Just as the economic environment is changing for students, the educational environment is also rapidly changing for our teachers. We want to show our commitment to teachers and provide them with excellent teacher training and professional development. Let’s make sure that:

  • High quality teacher education is a priority at our colleges and universities.
  • Teachers have the tools they need to teach the new Common Core State Standards.

Teacher evaluations
New evaluations systems are being developed and used by teachers across the country, including here in Florida. Our teachers deserve fair and accurate evaluations that provide meaningful feedback to help them continuously improve. Incorporating the feedback of teachers as we hone these new systems helps to ensure the ultimate goal is achieved: academic success for all students. We support emerging research and teachers’ recommendations to: 

  • Providing the option to include additional measures of review in Florida’s new teacher evaluations.

Empowering parents
Parents want to be sure their sons and daughters are getting the very best educational opportunities, regardless of their circumstance. The voices of all families should be heard in decisions about how to improve schools and where and what type of school to their children attend. We believe that:

  • All parents should have a say in designing individual education plans for their students.
  • Parents and students should have greater choice and flexibility. Some parents and students find their neighborhood schools to be the best fit, while others find charters, virtual schools, private schools or even home schools best meet their needs.

Equality and equity in school choice
Charter Schools
Currently, more than 200,000 of our children attend public charter schools in the State of Florida. Charter schools receive less funding than traditional public schools for school facilities. We support equitable funding for all Florida public school students, whether they are utilizing neighborhood, charter, magnet or online schools.

Onward and upward
Funding Success
Over the last decade, our schools have dramatically improved, but there is still so much more to do. We believe that Florida should continue its commitment to:

  • Funding critical school improvement programs for our students and teachers.
  • Recognizing schools for great results.
  • Providing extra support to schools that are struggling.
  • Preparing our students for the future by providing the funding to allow our students to access essential technology.