Report Card


Dear Floridians,

Since Florida’s state and education leaders stopped accepting excuses and started expecting results, students and schools have flourished under a system of high standards for learning, accountability for schools, and choices for families.

At the bottom of national rankings back in 1998, today Florida’s fourth graders score at the national average in math and they ranked second in the world on a recent international literacy test. With graduation rates in Florida at a historic high, we are proud of our students, educators, and schools’ achievements. And this incredible progress is just a sample of the great things we’re seeing across our state.

This year, Florida leaders voted to improve and build upon the student-driven policies that have shaped education in Florida. Reforms passed this session will empower parents, arm high school graduates with valuable skills for today’s opportunities, support teachers, engage technology in student learning, promote equality and accountability in charter schools, and fund successful, proven programs.

While celebrating Florida’s remarkable climb and the important bills passed this year, we’re still too far from providing each student with access to a personalized, quality education. For the sake of our students and our state, we must continue moving forward.

To those who acted boldly this year in the name of empowering each child to reach his or her God-given potential and pursue lofty dreams, thank you. These reforms will be life-changing for many Florida students, and I am excited to see where your dedication and hard work will take us next.



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