Florida's Hispanic Student Achievement

Celebrating the Success of Hispanic Students

Sunshine State students are exceeding expectations, busting long held myths about education, and proving the founding principle of Florida's Formula for Student Achievement—all children can learn!

Florida has experienced rising student achievement since the enactment of the A+ Plan in 1999.  

Real Results

Once far behind the nation, Sunshine State students are now leading the nation in educational progress. On the Nation’s Report Card:

·Florida Hispanic students outperform the national average in every grade and subject.

·Florida’s elementary school students are reading and doing math above the national average.

Over the years, Florida has continued to raise expectations, and students and teachers have continued to rise to the challenge. As a result, more students are graduating, and they’re graduating better-prepared for college and careers. In fact, since 1999, Florida’s graduation rate for all students has increased by 26 percentage points!

Why Testing Matters

Florida’s education revolution has been informed by student learning data from statewide exams.These tests offer important, objective information on how our students and schools are doing. This data informs education leaders, teachers and parents so they can continue to improve education for our state’s students.

Learn more about why testing matters at ExcelinEd.org/FLTesting. To see this page in Spanish, visit ExcelinEd.org/FLPruebas.